Diesel Engine Oil

Tough TF – MP 50

TF-50 is a monograde SAE 50 general purpose lubricant formulated with high quality mineral base oil. Specially designed for a wide range of general lubrication; from small and medium sized gear drives, bearings, ways, pumps, chains, and slide configurations


TF-50 is primarily designed for general purpose use.

TF-50 can be used in older machines that are showing signs of wear and oil consumption.

Provides protection against rust and corrosion for a variety of applications including circulating systems


API: —

SAE: 50

Available Pack (L): 10 & 20

Tough TF – HD 50

TF-HD 50 is a mono-grade SAE 50 engine oil for older & classic engines formulated with high quality mineral base oil and modern additives to provide outstanding protection in diesel and petrol engines against wear, corrosion, oil oxidation and sludge


TF-HD 50 is primarily designed for use in diesel engines, but it can be used in all engines where the manufacturer specifies SAE 50 mono grade engine oil.

TF-HD 50 is specifically designed for use in naturally aspirated & turbo-charged diesel engines operating under severe on and off highway conditions.



SAE: 50

Available Pack (L): 04 & 08

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