Fully Synthetic

SYN Power

SN / 5W40

Features & Benefits

  • Excellent engine cleanliness through sludge & varnish protection

  • Helps reduce engine wear at high temperature with improved viscosity stability

  • Outstanding high temperature protection under severe driving conditions

  • Formulated with anti wear additives that stay in your oil longer for outstanding protection against friction and wear

  • Helps maintain fuel efficiency for the life of the oil 

Synthetic Blend


SN / 10W40

Features & Benefits

  • Durable anti wear additives enhance engine life and performance

  • Strong oil film provides greater resistance to oil breakdown at high temperature for strong wear protection

  • Prolongs engine life

  • Superior engine performance

Premium Conven

SN / 10W30

Features & Benefits

  • High performance oil meeting top API performance level SN

  • Excellent detergency fights sludge formation and varnish deposits

  • Resists oil break down even under severe engine oil consumption

  • Maintains engine performance over drain the interval



Features & Benefits

  • Keeps engine clean by stopping dirt and sludge build up

  • Fights oil oxidation for longer engine protection

  • Good value train wear protection

  • Prolongs need for engine overhaul

Diesel Engine Oil

All Fleet PREM

CL-4/SL, 15W40

Features & Benefits

  • Fastest flow of maximum protection

  • Consistent oil pressure

  • Special dispersant Technology protects oil critical components and enhance engine durability

  • Minimizes carbon deposits inside the engine and keeps the engine clean

  • Suitable for varied application road transport, earth moving equipment, mining equipment, construction, marine (fishing boats)

All Fleet Turbo

CL-4/SG, 20W50

Features & Benefits

  • Works well with high sulphur diesel

  • Optimum performance under a wide variety of service conditions

  • Excellent corossion protection for longer engine life

  • High TBN retention, longer drain interval

  • Suitable for Euro2 and Euro3 engines for varied application mixed on highway use, agriculture and marine

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